(we) (the night)

(we) are nonexistent and (we) will forever be, but when (you) bring (your) fingers to (mine) (i) close (my) eyes and see the night sky laid out as a rippling mirror of the undulating tingles running through (my) veins. when (our) skin rests on each other just let (me) melt into (you) and (we) will stare into the flickering stars that dance to the beats of (our) hearts– unsynchronised but in a constant serenity, let (us) be the peace. (we’ll) curl up into each others chest, (ill) run (my) fingers down (your) spine and read (your) vertebrae like braille. (we’ll) breathe into the coolness of the night: let the warmth of (your) breath meld into the lips of (my) clouded thoughts. let (us) have endless conversations with the lights in (our) eyes; let (us) crease into each other, explore the curves of (our) flesh and bones, mould them into molten glass, melting into each other; let (us) be strong together in (our) fragility; let (us) seep the raindrops from (our) eyes with (our) delirious lips. let (us) let (us) let (us).

– – –

but (you) and (i) is not and will not and will never be.

– – –

but tonight– let (us) go there, (you) and (i), where the words (you) and (me) can be put together in the same sentence, let this be (us): (we) against the night, (we) in the night, (we): the night.


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