your cracked lips tell me
you need to “quench your thirst”.
ive always thought the phrase
never sounded quite right.
merriam webster tells us that
to quench is:
i. to extinguish
ii. to satisfy ones desire
it works both ways, you see
to me quench is you
leeching on my skin, ruthless
sucking of my iron-deficit blood,
of all the hope i can bear to have, of you
taking everything ive ever had
and bruises and scratches and blow
after blow
you will not stop.
you will keep taking and
i will keep giving
because i will love you,
i will love you brutally–
i will love you, and as a savage lover
you will never stop
quenching me of myself
to quench your insatiable desire
and when you strike and scratch
and rip and bite
and mulct
and leech
and drain
and parch
i promise
i will bleed for you.


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