before you hang up


all these insecurities come in a rush of
3.30am hurricanes in my head,
9.6-magnitude of earthquake-shattered bones,
floods of inadequacy swarming every
limb, tangled in my ribcage
are roots clinging on to people, uprooted
trees in my throat shaping words
too big to form sentences with, i learned
why the greatest destruction of nature
is nature herself.

i wrote a letter to her
with my finger in the soil, that tsunamis
are not the only way to cleanse herself, and because
the baby elephant needed a place
to hide in my lungs, i let you go on a monday night
the moment my bones were jerked back
against the direction of my feet, bleeding
sinews and straining heartstrings that
refuse to let go of all the things
i will never be.


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