let me be a verb

take all the adjectives
take all the nouns

let me be a verb

strip me of kindness, of dignity
strength, weakness, strip me of all
the failure and perseverance, of
adhd ocd depression anorexia take it
all– they have nothing to do with me.

i am a verb
i am many verbs at once
i am a wheel of spinning emotion
languid and frantic movements
i am breathing
i am writing
i am speaking
i am looking at the bunny
falling off the corner of my bed
i am thinking
i am willing the fan
to turn itself on
i am cracking joints
i am smelling shampoo
off my hair
i am wishing
i am missing
i am falling asleep
i am loving
i am moving to a piece of music
only i can hear

i am stripping myself of all adj. and n.
i am not looking for an edge at the end

i am merely moving
in the beat of life i do not have
a name i am not an age or a gender
sexuality mental dysfunction medical history
i am solely having this dance with myself
and the rest of the world
i am what you take me to be
not a noun or an adjective
i don’t have to be anything at all
but if you must
then i am a verb (ing) with an optional ad (ly)

i am you; merely existing–
and all i am is doing


3 thoughts on “let me be a verb

    1. haha, that’s a nice thing to be doing, what are you wondering about? also, your username fits this completely, thank you for ‘being wordy’, i’m ‘disappearing / fading / vanishing / withering’ in french. (:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Being of course :) and now, ‘losing consciousness’ and the heightened, yet so ephemeral state when you do both at once.


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