westward; away

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2338.23
my eyes are trying
to ignore your gaze
through the darkened
glass door where
six other people are
looking down at their phones.
walls are rushing by
droplets of rain run
like teardrop thoughts
to the back of my mind
handrails crawl further
away from me,
screeching against the
dotted flooring where my
blood used to fall.
minute lights graze
the sides of my face,
dripping amytriptyline
on my tongue
my hands
are shivering from this cold
wednesday night crowds
and inward emptiness
there is a hollow tinkling
in the insides of my chest
my fingers are trying to
break through the
lined emotions they call ribs
and through these punctured lungs
i do not own
i am unable to identify
this residue of liquid
beneath my fingers
neither do i understand
these shards under my nails
but i feel a diminishing space
from my sternum
and i’m not completely sure
whether it’s
the speed
of this westward train
or your footsteps forward, away,

possibly both,
possibly neither


2 thoughts on “westward; away

  1. Very strong emotion. I feel like the narrator was trying to be so strong that he/she couldn’t reconcile what they were actually feeling. Really captures the feelings of goodbye. =)


    1. thank you, hmm i wasn’t sure what i was feeling when i wrote this, i just had to get whatever i was feeling onto paper, and i think that’s it, you’re quite right (: thank you.


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