the way you are constantly fading
from my cognisance resembles
the way my words have been pulled out
from under my fingers

i have lost my way with words,
the roads i used to pave with a
battered rake of letters
have now been buried under leaves.
amongst the dried brown
i have bereaved memories of you
against the asphalt
and the yellow lines.

my wet paints of punctuation on the ground
have started their etiolation and the tarmac
is thirsting for fresh euphoria
from thoughts of you
but all that drips on these cracked
mouths is saline
and even the iron in my veins
have stopped leaking today.

i loved you.
i loved you and i don’t know if i still do
but give me back my words
even if you have to dig your nails
into the bleeding tissue that has left
a gaping void in the middle of my chest.

i loved you.
i loved you more than i loved
the euphoria of phrasing and connecting
and weaving because
loving you felt like so much more –
i loved you
and my words only came when
i knew i did.

i loved you
i loved you so much
so take all the parts of me
with you as you walk
and especially the parts of me that are you.
but please
for now please stop where you are
on your road away from me.

stop where you are.
scatter my words back on the ground
where i can


6 thoughts on “slipping

  1. Wow Yggdrasil, you’ve once again managed to bring out the emotions that you are trying to convey in me, especially in the last stanza.😃
    Keep up the good work!


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