sleep now, my darling,

fade in, fade out,
you will forget everything
when the night falls.

soon the gently upturned lips of your child
will kiss you warmly, leaving tingles on
tomorrow’s twelve a.m. in circles.
let the soft snow embrace the cool night,
let the quiet fairy lights fade in, like trickles
down your eyelids when you close
them. in the midnight sun,
your lashes are curling morning glories
awaiting a new dawn.

may the night be a consoling melody,
the living room music delicately playing
outside your bedroom door, your
fingers cozied between clean, but familiar
sheets, the way your edged elbows found home
in your mother’s flesh. you are a
silently crying lullaby. your heated tears
water jerusalem where the earth unfurls,
where the soil is alive and tongues reach out
for your love.

tonight, turn off the heater; ignite
your fireplace. this is a home
where light and warmth come hand in hand –
hand in hand, your hand in your
father’s warm ones as you lay,
tiny in his arms. you are a rocking
christmas chorus in the shape of
a single gift. you came here
unwrapped, nude pages of lonely
whispered poetry, precariously
balanced on the tip of god’s tongue.

you are no frills, all feels.

and in your dreams,
let the bricks along the street spill as you tread,
may your ribs be overcome
with an overdue ocean pouring
clear rivers and pure lakes all the way down
to the glows of coloured
light around your feet.
may the spaces between your toes
be awakened with a surge of flowing
sand, twice reborn from the cemented hardness
around your writhing heart,
the dried, clay-baked earth
you’ve kept for too long now.

so let the living room music play.
leave the fairy lights on.
just for tonight,
let yourself enjoy the way
life is meant for living.
do not be afraid to lose yourself,

this benevolent creature called night
will follow your illuminated path
on all fours, faithfully hiding behind
all your forgotten regrets
and apologetic yesterdays.
trust, trust that night will lead you back
to your bedroom door,
just in time for a new tomorrow.

and so sleep now, my darling
fade in, fade out,
hum that tender christmas
song you’ve always wished
to hear once more.

tomorrow will wake you when it does.


merry christmas everyone! have a great holiday and all the best for the new year to come (to anyone actually reading this.) apologies for the raw and empty writing, this was somewhat five-minute poetry since i just needed to do something to fill time since i’m spending christmas eve alone in my fairy-lighted bedroom. it was nice writing this because it felt strangely peaceful. anyway, i just want to say that i’m really grateful for all of you who have stopped by once in awhile to read my writing, and so thank you thank you thank you! merry christmas! rest well and have a wonderful time with your family. have a good night ((: – ashley


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