“let’s see how long i can shut up”

do you know how heartbeats give up?

now i just lie in bed, wait ––
oh god! watch you be online for a few minutes.
still, silent

sometimes i speak, speak so much
cautiously evade the double-edged
arrow on the right, type, type
not your type

strangely it’s enough knowing that
you’re on the other side,
also staring into the light
at least our wires our joined in some way.
you don’t know it; i pretend they are.
imagine who you might be talking to

hear your laughter off-chord
inverted smile and contrived jokes and love, love
love then i watch you disappear
a rapid fade
will never know where you go
into the night, light night, night
close my eyes, heavy,
i can only whisper, nights too, love,

because now your fingers
don’t surrender a single green fingerprint,
don’t even leave one last
last seen.


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