unstoppable still

To facilitate discussion in this essay, ethnographic examples from the text “I’ll Hold Your Hand So You Won’t Fall” (2005) will be examined.

a decade
of stacks                of textbook-narrative                  of facts                  of knot-words
and still you have none for me.

妈妈 can inject postscript into letterboxes, publishing
water & almost blacking tips. we can upstream-propel ourselves all we want :
dissecting diagnoses / trembling into overdue labels
                                                         ( $628 / month )
, while you open tactility upon sky boxes

dusting dyskinesia / drenching metatarsal deceit.
pseudodemipointe           to staccato           to polka           to social dance           to
pretend to father me.

assent snailtrails peeling dots that glow
only in the presence of the drip, & burnt into
shower-bar metal is a resignation
that dislocates                                                                                                       politics.

this is all it takes.

tidings return              ;              God-bless-you             ;              removal                 ; with you, too               ;               gamma rays                 ;               Jesus comes 2nd
–––––––– Perambulate.

this is all
it took.


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