i will as much as you accord memory

“mama, she has hair!”

fire !
                                                                   i remember my father
shocked that his daughter
                                                            all blood-bathed, bawling,
was a mammal.
                                                                    what is quadriplegic?

like fire
                                                                   i remember my father
first words are often remembered


you have to add oil
                                                                 i remember my mother
not what she said but
                                                             all the same, all the same,
speaking in a string of four characters
                                                                  engendering parablox

add oil.
                                                                i remember my mother
last words are often remembered

“five bombs were found on the roof of his condo why is he always looking for trouble?”

let her flame
                                              i remember it was a blast against,
almost like Noah’s-Ark-flood from god,
                                                    man – grande allegro motion :
over ruling…

                                       THBT i cannot remember who i am /
nature, remember (?)
                           (was) when i was born, i remember the spin
nurture is a storeroom lightless & a rumbling
             washing machine of purity, detergent brand of John
almost like a closet

flame her
                                                               first, i remember family
words are often remembered,

“aiya but then again, it was a lie la after that my hair never grew till i was 3 everyone thought i was a boy so my mum always tied this bonnet thing around my head screaming my child is a girl and since when has she ever stopped doing that lol”


                           i remember the day before, we were in bed,
THW re-member into womb state
                        all prawn-curled and clogged artery forearm,
and if honest, fiji water
                                                                   Foucault’s biopower
everyday to ensure holy spirit flows
                                                                     through Archedike
through our marriage, our offspring :
                                                 maybe this way we can be less



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