Lay down light, dear gone-as-always
tonight blue underlined illusion again
blinds now bitten off, the haptic recall
an alternation of warmth ;
                          of slotting under in search of ;
                          of claustrophobic Lego building, structure

purporting subsistence in the daylight
Instead –– shadows drip into prism-crevices
                                    slip into new lists we make between

horizontal : ac = [2π(VT)]/T

light(ly) left, only magic woking
                       only dear / darling / nine-layered Nyonya
                       gone-as-always –they said it’s bad for you–
                       down with comfort dust, their Magellanic hegemony
                       laying cold fingers on

the morning mist, an inevitable end.

Leave it off. (the light)
Leave it off. (adam & eve & their redundant leaves)
Leave it off. (tomorrow-thoughts)

Lay down.


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