∆ < 0

: an unattainable (perfection)
from which we initiate breath,
unto which we empty our fingers                                                              into shelves

in compartmentalisation we are drawers, elbows discovering
that to carve the space is to create it,
that the mechanism of an ankle is the negotiation between differing densities

to which we attribute the



and as all narratives go, restitution
caves in the hydraulic of a
sink : a break behind the knees
that sends us in a circle 

helium-bound, dagger-heavy. heavy
                                                            is the cost of this steady turbulence

the unending gear-changing, the predetermining of
a Geertzian painting – we demarcate
pathways to Russia, finding ourselves instead in
London. choreography is cartography
and the body chalks routes that grow,
that swallow in the shape of
this is the way you need to

go on a perpetual search for the Meridian,
the thread less so a rope than the pull of honey,
the stretch for more. in a single movement,
the body echoes; when waves break,
flesh crashes within itself; in melody,
the compulsion to move; in rhythm,
the necessity of groove; silence

, still substance


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