crocodile to chest

crocodile to chest.
tears’ heat capacity proves
twice as much as
the storm.

it, or your mind, must assume negligible
friction – a banana peel in your brain
where the foot slips

he is son before he is
exam-scorer, intelligence-prover, hardworker, Hwachong boy
the duty of the caller precedes that of
the receiver. this telephone line coils an anomaly –
never picked up, when held,
static. two children rub a piece of tissue into the microphone
against the green screen of muted laughter.
why can your love only ever be a
                                                         bsent; a
                                                                               idden; h

have you ever heard the blood
of stepping into your father’s leather shoes
in your voice:
“what’s wrong with all of you?”
“you are so stupid!”

he launches the duality of monster
and effort into the ground;
tartarus will reject it every time.


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