I used to think this was the smell of yeye until reruns in the same set different scenes made me realise this is the hospital’s brand. Well it’s not as if he’s not just under observation. Bless the lord o my soul if that utterance was incoherent it’s his slur again isn’t it? Or droplets that have now disappeared into the bladder of a greater tiger. They tear it apart with herbivorous teeth and find only cubs, not cows and so this is what it is and has been, if it was dementia perhaps the diagnosis would have granted some allowance. More air time more float – if you untense yourself you will be less dense & empty is better for survival than strength. What a strange choice of colour isn’t it? The floor a nurse skates out on blaring red and blue, “I look retarded walking around with this bag“, like the sirens started singing beef wart instead. Then enunciate. Bad posture for 10 years sitting at a desk designing and Mr Tan Kar Yong is now a friend without lies. I like how we both get it doing nothing. The tiger flips and suddenly we can’t control our piss.

Maybe next week we could learn to ride a bike. Four wheels better than none.


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